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Thermometer Check-In


There are few things more important to short gut caregiver than an accurate thermometer. If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard it a million times (but really it’s never too many when you have a central line)… 100.4 temperature means a 48-hour automatic hospital stay to rule out sepsis and start heavy hitting antibiotics. If you are like me… you start to twitch anywhere northwards of 99.0+ and I start eye-ing hospital clothes, the iPad charger and under eye concealer. Things can turn on a dime with an infection and I want to have Camden in the safest place possible- our local children’s hospital.

As a whole, we are constantly monitoring Camden for signs of fever, illness, stomach distension, diarrhea, energy level, skin tone… for me, looking at him means a full assessment. If any of the prior mentioned things seem off, Camden feels warm to the touch) OR it’s time for one of my ‘many-times-a-day’ spot checks, we assess formally for fever. We use a home thermometer to do this. We’ve been through so many thermometers- we wear them out and we are always on the lookout for the latest and the greatest. I’m going to save you time trying the bunch (there are SO many on the market and SO few that I would ever recommend) and hopefully I’ll save you MONEY in the process (they aren’t cheap!) Here are some of the contenders…

My opinion:

I wish I didn’t bother:



CVS digital temple thermometer- $34.99

It appears with it’s 1 star rating on their website that others share my same feelings

Feels cheap and takes far too long to read (especially for a toddler)


Meh, at best:



Braun No-Touch forhttps://wordpress.com/post/gutsandgumptionsite.wordpress.com/1989ehead thermometer- $54.00

Inconsistent readings that read 1-2 degrees higher than other thermometers

Temps tend to jump drastically from reading-to-reading




Braun No-Touch Thermometer $29.00

Slow to read, many error messages

Contour isn’t comfortable against forehead

Questions of poor accuracy


Pretty good:



Braun Thermoscan Thermometer -$54.00

Reliable temperatures

Works consistently

Set back: you have to purchase ear covers… the thermometer won’t work without them 😦 This is inconvenient for on-the-go temp reads

Short lifespan (have had to replace)

Many hospitals use this brand/type in the inpatient setting


Best I’ve found:



Exergen Temporal Thermometer – $39.00

Quick read

Seemingly accurate readings

Records previous temps

Initial set-up was finicky but has worked well since

Substantial feel


NOTE: Due to my son’s age (2-years) I did not review a sub-lingual or axillary thermometers, although these may be good options. Many health centers suggest rectal temps for accuracy- due to my son’s complex gastrointestinal condition, I choose not to take rectal temps and if I question accuracy of the thermometer- I ere on the side of caution and go immediately to my nearest emergency room.

Given my maximum 4-star rating, I don’t believe that there is a perfect thermometer on the market and therefore it is important to ere on the side of caution, watch symptoms and ALWAYS trust your GUT. (pun intended)


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