Our SBS Story

Accupuncture: for mom


I’m late to post this- but I had my first go with accupuncture last week. I hate needles and was very hesitant to spend money to have someone poke me consecutively with them- it sounded like the worst (good?) idea ever. I took my head out of the equation and let google articles be my guide- here’s my experience.

I gave the acupuncturist an overview of my medical history and current complaints (fatigue, stress, joint pain, gastroparesis)

She talked me through her plan, and promised to take ‘things slow’ with me

I laid clothed on an massage table and the acupuncturist talked me through where she would place the needles

The first placement was on my forearm (and it hurt!), it caused a throbbing pain. I was nervous to keep going but trusted the process. The accupunctunturist replaced the needle, this time with no pain.

I felt nothing or almost nothing for the remainder of the placements (top of head, between eyes, in stomach, legs, ears, etc)

Once all needles were placed a heat lamp was placed over me and I laid restfully for 30 minutes (to let those tiny needles do their job).

I was able to relax during the rest period, but Inwas anxious to move.

The needles were removed quickly with no pain and I was told to come back ina week for round 2…

BUT I wasn’t sure if it made any difference. I made the appointment anyway.

Im not sure if it was cooincidental-but since my treatment, my stomach pains have been significantly decreased and I’ve had more energy overall. Placebo? Maybe? I’ll keep you posted about my second appointment- if it’s natural and it helps- why not?


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