Our SBS Story

We’re HOME!

…in all senses of the word🏠🍾🙌🏻 We are finally moved into our new home-we are still living amongst a few boxes but most are unpacked💪🏻 We had some slight move drama- with the movers underestimating the trucks- which resulted in having to book and pay for two separate moves- and as a result- the two movers debating over who broke what (yes, BROKE😳)- no heirlooms were damaged and we’ve learned that these are just life’s details- NBD- there are bigger fish to fry… PLUS… we’re HERE! There is too much to be grateful for. I can’t explain the peace that I’ve felt since we drove into our new town, unpacked in our new house- and were treated on our first night, by our local EMS team and hospital (that we made the move for). My stress level has reduced DRASTICALLY, despite only being here for such a short time- Camden has a wonderful local team caring for him❤️ For those who don’t follow my social media- Camden had a quick and intense GI bug that caused vomiting and diarrhea that very quickly- severely dehydrated him. He seemed himself and before we knew it his condition deteriorated to the point of unconsciousness. I’m glad we anticipated the crash and had EMS here when we got to this point. I’ll admit- I have a hard time staying calm when I see things change so quickly- but the EMS team was incredible and knew just what to do- they let me administer everything through Camdens central line in the ambulance so that I could maintain his standard of care and they walked me through everything- the same as at home – but with some slightly different meds. While we were in the ambulance, Camden perked up with fluids and dextrose- his blood sugar was scary low. We had competent and attentive care in the hospital and we were home the next day. A friend of mine-referred to these events as a God wink- I loved this- if we or anyone else ever questioned why we made this move-it was triple validated on the night we moved in-I’ve never questioned it since we made the decision-but this was a deeply rooted validation that we did the very best thing for Camden. Phew- the timing was impeccable.

My cousin has come by with dinner and neighbors have stopped by to introduce themselves. We feel wrapped with love here. We are so grateful💕 We have our first week of doctor’s/therapy visits this week- I am very confident that we will have good reports and doctors/therapists. I’ll keep you posted! I’m excited to share the adventures to come in our new HOME!

Never under appreciate the value of home-I wish you well😊



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