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Essential Oils: an unbiased review


Guts and Gumption: The Essentials

It’s taken me a while to form a clear opinion on essential oils. I’ve been using them since the time that we were impatient at Boston Children’s Hospital-but only sporadically during Reiki treatments. I believed that they enhanced the experience- but I wasn’t sure how much. When I got home, the stress of managing our new everyday life was in dire need of taming. I looked into purchasing essential oils, but I didn’t realize how overwhelming the task would be- or what an investment it could be… so I purchased oils from Sprouts and sprinkled them on my pillow from time to time- again, I wasn’t sure what if any difference they made. With my New Years resolution of a more natural lifestyle, I wanted to start incorporating natural remedies into our everyday- more than just for stress relief so I decided if I was going to try and see if essential oils worked for us- that I needed to go big or go home. So I researched so much, too much- it almost made me crazy, ‘pure’ ‘therapeutic grade’ ‘natural habitat’ ‘distillation’ it was almost more stress than it was worth- I didn’t feel like I could trust what I read online because SO many people who use the top two brands of oils sell them… how did I know if the oils worked or if I was just being ‘sold’ but after calling (unsolicited) and speaking to another SBS mom who uses oils regularly AND learning that our hospital uses oils in their ER, the decision was made and I bit the bullet and committed to ‘try’ with an open mind the benefits of essential oils for our family. I bought a wide selection of oils and a diffuser. I’ll be honest- these oils aren’t cheap! Strike one. I opened the box with extra care because I was certain that I would be returning them- after seeing absolutely no benefit. 😁(there is a little skeptic built in me).

Some background on my perspective on medicine, which I think is important to note. I believe highly in modern Western medicine. Modern medicine saved and continues to save my son’s life- Do I believe essential oils cure disease? Nope. However, I do believe in the benefits of holistic medicine and I do think that there is a place for them. After all, both hospitals that we know and trust use the top oil brands in the medical setting, our insurance covers acupuncture and chiropractic sessions- so there has got to be something to it. I think that holistic medicine complements modern medicine and I do think in SOME cases oils and other natural treatments can be substituted with approval of medical professionals (especially open minded ones). In short- I think essential oils help to support a healthy lifestyle. So I guess, yes- this skeptic is bought in for some oil usage and in some aspects of my life.

Another important note-I did find a marked difference when I switched to a higher quality oil- at the advice of almost every professional article and aromatherapist. So far, I’ve used the oils for relaxation, tummy troubles, increased immunity and just to make the house smell good (if nothing else, they at least do this!) I’ve also noticed while shopping that a lot of my health items contain doctored up combinations of oils (I.e. Vics Valor rub has eucalyptus- with a bunch of other stuff that I could just do without). Why not JUST the basics?

I prefer to diffuse the oils or combine with a carrier oil and use topically (after testing first in a sensitive area- like my wrist)- I’m hesitant about ingesting oils, I’d have to read more research about this before I would be comfortable trying it. Pure oils are potent and should be handled with care and kept out of the hands of children and in certain quantities even natural products can be dangerous or have drug interactions.

So that’s my honest review. I’m not going to share what brand I use, because I want this to be an honest an impartial review of oils- not a marketing campaign. What works for me might not work for everyone else- and that’s OK. Did oils turn my life into a perfect utopia? No. have they helped me in different ways- I believe so. Could it be a placebo effect? Sure? BUT these oils aren’t a new trend- they’ve been around a long time and have staying power for a reason- it’s just how much you invest in their abilities that leads to approval or disappointment.

What has been your experience with oils? Are you bought in? I’d love to hear unique ways that you’ve used them in your home🏠I’m still learning and growing with my collection- so far-so good👌🏻🌱


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